Post Job

What We're About

We at Connect South Africa see the value in experience and connectivity. We believe
that collaboration and innovation is the way forward for job creation.

We are an online recruitment platform that allows you to connect with business’s in and around South Africa and we provide a platform for the employer and the potential employee to simply connect. 



The Candidate

Sound confusing? No need to worry, lets break it down. As an employee you will have the opportuinity to be placed  according to your experience and previous job role.

The Employer

As an employer, we can provide you with a shortlist of suited candidates that fit the skills and experience needed. Alternatively, you can opt to have candidates apply directly to you.

What We Can't Do

As much as the staff, brand, and our passion go for helping and placing those requiring jobs, we unfortunately do not place those who have been dismissed previously, due to the breaching of company policies.